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Looking at the swamp reel lake located in the district of Semarang, many overgrown with water hyacinth plants are included in the category of weed plants. But unfortunately this great potential seems untouched by creative hands to be utilized so that every day the water rotten water hides become rubbish which reduces the beauty of the lake. Water hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) belongs to the group of aquatic weeds. This plant has a very high rate of vegetative breeding, especially in the tropics and subtropics. (
Although quite troublesome, the existence of water hyacinth can also be commercially useful for example it can be utilized to get additional income from the use of water hyacinth. Water hyacinth stems can be used as raw materials for woven craft products that can be commercialized. Only armed with skills that are easy to learn, supported by will, creativity and art, water hyacinth can be processed into handy crafts. This water hyacinth craft is a unique craft, because all this time, water hyacinth is considered as garbage and pests in the water, but in fact it can turn into a promising business commodity if it is processed into various types of unique, beautiful, interesting, artsy and high-selling handicrafts.
As a little description, the need for bags, wallets, which is unique and beautiful is one of them. Carrying a bag for women if traveling outside the house seems to have become a necessity. Because, the main needs of women such as handbags, wallets, to cosmetic equipment should not be left behind. Besides the bag or wallet also serves as a stylish venue when socializing with colleagues or colleagues. So the shape and material of a bag or wallet is often valued. However, the material of bags or purses made from synthetic rubber that has been circulating on the market feels too ordinary if it is not said to be “outdated”. Therefore, women often look for bags or purses that are unique but still beautiful, one of which is a bag or wallet made from natural materials such as water hyacinth. The longer the market demand for bags or water hyacinth the greater, because the product bags or wallets made from natural products have not been widely used and opportunities to penetrate the market are still wide open.
Water hyacinth is one type of floating aquatic plants. The making of handicraft from water hyacinth requires a long process. The results of these handicrafts ranging from flower pots, bins, tissue boxes, bags, hats, kitchen equipment to furniture. Formation / weaving into works of art (bags, wall hangings, wallets, chairs and others). To further enhance the attractiveness of buyers, the results of the matting are added environmentally friendly varnish paint. So, its look shiny and interest.
Routinely care for your bag
Many people discourage having a bag made from “nature” because of the level of durability that is far below the bag made from leather, plastic, or others. It is true, however, if the owner can take care of it properly, bags made from plant material can also last for more than 5 years.
Here are tips for those of you who already have or plan to buy a “natural” bag to make it last longer:
1. Try not to contact the bag with water. Because a bag made from plants is very easy to be moldy if it is damp, it would be better if kept away from a wet place. However, don’t put it in a place that is too hot. If you want to save, just at normal temperatures. If necessary, store it in an airtight place that is given silica gel to be more resistant to mold.
2. Clean the dust with a soft brush. Sweep dusty parts regularly, so they don’t pile up into stubborn stains. Try also not too tight when brushing so that plant fibers are not damaged.
3. Wipe with a cloth that is given a fragrance Actually “natural” bags don’t need to be washed. But if it’s already dirty, you can wipe the dirty part with a slightly wet cloth (remember: don’t get too wet). If you want to smell good, you can add a little fragrance to the cloth. After that, dry it immediately.

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